PA Committees

The PA is structured as an organized set of committees, each led by one or more Chairs who report to a PA President and Vice President. In addition to overseeing and supporting the following committees, the PA President and Vice President coordinate PA-sponsored activities and events and help identify initiatives to foster school spirit and community building. They each serve a one-year term. 

Any proceeds from committee-sponsored programs and events (such as the School Store or Book Fair) help to fund Brick faculty appreciation initiatives throughout the year. Learn more about each of the committees below.

Class Reps: Class Reps provide a channel of communication between the classroom teachers, classroom families, and the School Administration. Class Reps also help to build community within their classrooms by organizing gatherings and encourage participation in school-wide events and initiatives. There are two Class Reps per classroom. 

Library Committee: Brick’s Library is a tremendous resource for our children, and it is entirely run by our families. Members of the Library Committee oversee all aspects of the library from inventory management to book circulation and ensure that the book collection is well-organized and maintained. The Library Committee also publishes reading lists and sponsors special literacy events such as the annual Book Fair. 

Community Outreach Committee: The Sunshine Committee identifies and supports members of the Brick community who have happy occasions to celebrate (such as a new sibling or birthday) or are going through challenging times (such as a serious illness or death in the family). Sunshine Committee members make sure they are reached out to and supported through kind words or a loving gesture.

Yearbook Committee: The Yearbook Committee designs and publishes Brick’s annual yearbook, a treasured keepsake. There is at least one Yearbook Rep for each classroom. The Yearbook Reps collect photography, design the page layouts, and collect tribute ads. 

School Store: The School Store Committee helps to foster school spirit and community by merchandising and selling items through the Brick School Store. The School Store is always open online and special sales events are held throughout the year.