The Brick Church School’s mission is to provide an excellent early childhood education, nourishing children’s emotional, social, intellectual, physical, ethical, and spiritual well-being through an intentionally balanced approach in an atmosphere of warmth and mutual respect.  The Brick Church School actively seeks to be a community that is diverse and inclusive in all aspects (racially, economically, religiously, and welcoming to all aspects of gender, sexuality, and family structures).  The School is grounded in Christian values of love and compassion, shared by many other religious traditions, and seeks to be a place in which children, their families, and educators care for others in their classrooms, city, and world.  At The Brick Church School, children are guided to become happy, self-confident global citizens, mindful of God’s love, accepting of themselves and others, filled with curiosity and joy in learning.

Values of The Brick Church School

We at The Brick Church School believe that:
  • Children and adults should be treated with respect in a community of diversity and inclusiveness.
  • Children need to feel emotionally safe so that they can develop social skills and grow cognitively and physically.
  • Children are spiritual beings and their spiritual and moral lives are nourished through a strong partnership between School and Church.
  • Educators, children, and families should care for others in their classrooms, neighborhood, city, and world.
  • Our commitment to excellence includes ongoing development of teachers, staff, parents, children, and curriculum, with an openness to new ideas.

The Vision of The Brick Church School

The Brick Church School will ensure that it has the financial and leadership resources to strengthen its commitment to maintaining a diverse community while expanding its horizons academically, ethically, and globally.

The Brick Church School’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The fabric of The Brick Church School is made up of many unique threads which, when woven together, create a strong and beautiful tapestry.  We respect, encourage, and promote all aspects of human identity, including, but not limited to race, physical characteristics, ability, family structure, ethnicity, religion, age, economic status, sex, gender identity, gender expression and sexuality. We strive to provide children, their families, faculty, and staff with “windows” and “mirrors.” Windows offer a view into the lives and identities of others while mirrors validate the individual experiences of each person in our community. We recognize that even the youngest children can and should engage in conversations about identity with the aim of awakening curiosity, developing positive self-awareness, and widening perspectives.  We believe in building a foundation for children to recognize inequity and take appropriate steps to affect positive change in their communities and the world.  At Brick, we fully commit to ongoing reflection, study, and action as we work to gain further understanding of each other and ourselves.