June Program

June Program takes place the first three weeks in June from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. The Program includes outdoor play with sprinklers, music and movement class, art class, weekly guest performers, walking trips in the neighborhood, and a wide variety of classroom activities. The children bring lunch from home and the School provides drinks and snacks.

June Program is coordinated this year by Amy Warden and staffed by our teachers. Amanda Smith is teaching music and Caren Shayne is teaching art in the studio.

What have this year’s campers said about June Program? Children currently attending the Brick Church School as well as Twos ending their first year and four- and five-year-old Brick Church members who do not attend the school are eligible to attend.

“In camp, you go swimming and go on the roof.”

“I like it in June Program because we swim and we put on plays like Peter and the Wolf.”

“In camp we get to eat lunch!”

“Camp is fun and we get to swim and use the hose! Our classroom looks like it is back in time.”

“After lunch we get to go to the pools. First I get my hands wet and then my feet go in.”

“I like June Program because we play with everyone.”

“I like to go to the sprinklers in the big park!”

“I like to dance to the music.”

“We splash in the pools and cook every day.”