Director’s Welcome

Welcome All,

It has been my pleasure to be a part of the Brick Church School since 2013, and I am grateful you are taking some time to learn about this warm and wonderful school.  

I can’t think of a more special role in life than to be part of a child’s first school experience.  It is my firm belief that all children are strong, powerful, competent individuals that come to their educational experiences with curiosities, preferences, and questions about the world.  It is that strength and curiosity that is cultivated in Brick’s early childhood classrooms to create joyful learning opportunities, build curriculum, and facilitate the development of skills in meaningful ways. 

The foundation of the engaging, interesting, and inspirational early childhood experience at Brick begins with an understanding that learning can excel through a balance of inquiry, exploration, and direct teaching, that the environment and the child’s family are additional teachers in a child’s life and that teachers must be warm individuals who are excited about learning and have a deep understanding of child development. 

The teachers at Brick build upon this foundation by valuing the whole child and supporting children in developing all the skills they need to be successful. Within the educational work to develop cognitive, language, social, emotional, and motor skills, we also integrate deeper values. Some examples of those values include compassion, individuality, collaboration, resiliency, and responsibility. When children value differences in people, care about the feelings of others, and consider diverse viewpoints they show compassion. When children recognize, appreciate, and take pride in their own uniqueness they value individuality. When children take risks, cope with disappointment, and persist through challenges they have learned resiliency. When children exchange ideas and work together to achieve common goals they have learned to collaborate. When children accept and understand their impact upon others they develop a sense of responsibility. When an early childhood teacher values and promotes these ideals in the classroom they are not only helping children to become strong students but also enlightened citizens and steady individuals. 

As an early childhood leader at Brick, I feel that it is my responsibility to make sure that my colleagues feel supported and esteemed and to see to it that their practice continues to grow and evolve through reflection and high-quality professional development. My commitment to teachers is to support them in bringing their true, authentic selves into the classroom, to encourage their growth as professionals, and to help them maintain the joy in teaching that brought them to the field in the first place. 

As a partner with families, I feel that it is my responsibility to ensure that all parents are respected for the very important position they hold in their child’s school life. Without their involvement, we could not do our jobs well. My commitment to parents is to provide a school that cares for and teaches their children effectively in a beautiful environment with open, honest, and straightforward communication. 

As an early childhood professional, I come to this work with a deep and profound respect for children. I am grateful to the parents that choose to share and entrust their young children to our care and in return, I work hard to create an educational environment that nurtures the strengths in each child. I find that the best way to achieve this is to provide stimulating, kind, and loving classrooms and skilled and dedicated teachers. My commitment to children is to offer them the opportunity to explore, discover, play and learn, all with joy.