Director’s Welcome

Welcome to the website of The Brick Church School. The Brick Church School is above all a community where children, parents, teachers and staff of the School and Church are valued and respected. We care about children’s growth in all areas: emotional, social, spiritual, cognitive and physical. It is a school, not a “pre” school or child care facility. All of The Brick Church School teaching community regularly examines how children in general and individual children learn best. What follows is a statement of my educational philosophy which I continually question. We are not doctrinaire in our approach; we are all lifelong learners. We will study and explore new ideas and if an individual child needs something that doesn’t quite fit this philosophy, with thoughtful discussion among teachers, psychologists, parents and administrators, we will try whatever we think may work for that child. We want all our children to be the best they can be and to learn that thinking of others is the key to a happy life.

Lydia Spinelli