Updates on the Director Search

December 7, 2022

Dear Members of the Brick Community:

I am thrilled to announce the appointment of Marie Fabian as the next Director of the Brick Church School.

Culminating a thorough and inclusive search, the Director Nominating Committee voted unanimously to recommend Marie to the Day School Committee and Session, which voted, both unanimously, in favor of appointing her Director, effective July 1, 2023.

Marie’s experience at Brick runs deep:  She has served ably as Interim Director and was previously a senior administrator.  Marie cherishes time with students, has strong professional connections with faculty, and works tirelessly to build relationships with Brick families, ongoing schools, and church members.  With her unparalleled knowledge of Brick, tireless work ethic, and warm presence at drop-off, pick-up, in classrooms, and at family and church meetings, Marie is well equipped to build on Brick’s success and lead Brick to a thriving future. Read the full announcement below.

Director Nominating Committee
Ted Clement, Chair
Farley Bills
Thérèse Cruite
Samantha Lasry-Fleisher
Robbie Pennoyer
Elizabeth Philipp
Megan Raelson
Tiffany Rafii
Chris Robinson
Chris Thorpe
Rev. Tom Evans, ex officio
Victor Wu, ex officio