Updates on the Director Search

The Director Nominating Committee is charged with identifying the next Director. The Director search, now underway, is guided by the Brick Church School’s mission, vision, and values and informed by input from the school community. Ultimately, the Director Nominating Committee will make a recommendation to the Day School Committee of the Brick Church School and the Session of the Brick Presbyterian Church, which will make the final decision on the next Director. The next Director’s term is expected to begin at the start of the 2023-24 academic year.

Director Nominating Committee
Ted Clement, Chair
Farley Bills
Thérèse Cruite
Samantha Lasry-Fleisher
Robbie Pennoyer
Elizabeth Philipp
Megan Raelson
Tiffany Rafii
Chris Robinson
Chris Thorpe
Rev. Tom Evans, ex officio
Victor Wu, ex officio