Brick at Home

Looking back on those first few days of the 2019-2020 school year, it would have been impossible to imagine the circumstances in which our community, and countless school communities find themselves. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you, your loved ones, and the multitude of people who have been impacted by this global crisis. 

In the midst of navigating these uncertain times, we remain committed to the partnerships we have forged with each of our families. These partnerships, which began the moment you joined the community, are at the cornerstone of our work with your children. Now, that the learning lives of our students have shifted into their homes, this partnership has taken on a more essential role. 

The focus for our “Brick at Home” remote learning plan is two-fold: maintaining our school’s sense of community across a digital landscape, and providing families with activities, ideas, and resources that are developmentally-appropriate and philosophically-aligned with our school. Early childhood education is, typically, a hands-on, play-driven, relationship-based experience. Young children learn through observing, asking questions, having conversations, moving, and exploring, with connected adults and engaged peers. They do this at school, but they also do this at home with you! The resources captured on the website have been gathered and curated to support our work together in your homes. 

We remain hopeful that on the other side of this moment, we will emerge a stronger, more compassionate and deeply connected community. Thank you, families, for the care, flexibility and collaborative spirit with which you have engaged in this partnership. 


Current Parents: Access classroom videos and additional resources