Auction Committee

We are truly grateful for the exceptionally talented and dedicated team of parents who helped plan and organize these events. The overwhelming commitment of our community distinguishes Brick and helps to make our beloved school a cherished place filled with learning, love, laughter, and song.

Auction Committee Members

Laura Thomas – Auction Chair

Petra Egar – Auction Chair

Jackie Babazadeh

Shranutha Bhaskar

Ashley Clairmont

Diana Clement

Ashley Francis

Sarah Johnson

Alexandra Kelly

Karen Kwon

Samantha Lasry

Alice Liang

Megan Madden

Eliza McLaughlin

Elizabeth Singer

Natasha Wolff


Auction Class Coordinators

2 North          Jen Fountain

2 South          Lana Tamaro

2 West AM     Madalyn Foreman

2 West PM     Cristina Wang

3 North           Katy Eshelman

4 North           Victoria Gutwillig

4 South           Eliza McLaughlin

5 North           Lauren Gilchrist

5 South AM    Sarah McLaughlin

5 South PM    Alice Liang

MWF Twos     Lily Boisi

TTh Twos       Katy Eshelman

TWTh Twos   Alexandra King