Adventures jumping across Snake River, rocketing up to outer space, diving under the sea, rolling down Rainbow River, and saving hula hoops that stray into Candy Land are regular happenings in Movement class. As children grow into their bodies, Movement class helps build a healthy relationship with the physicality that can benefit them for the rest of their lives. Elements of gymnastics, dance, martial arts, and yoga build gross and fine motor skills and engage students in various ways. Hitting balloons and shooting them through hoops, throwing and catching bean bags, completing obstacle courses, showing off leaps and bounds, and silly walking across the room also engage balance, bilateral coordination, backward movement, and crossing the midline in a super fun way. You may even find classes balancing on one leg like a flock of pink or green flamingos! Movement class benefits other aspects of education as well. Games and activities promote imagination, working together, and spontaneity. Children learn how to follow directions, sequences, and multi-step instructions. Listening ears are being fine-tuned in games like “1, 2, 3, Go!” Eager to expel some energy by class time, movement is a safe and fun release that improves focus for the rest of the school day!