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Sample Schedules:

The Story of Us Weekly Communication:

Every Friday, weekly classroom communications create an engaging piece for families that reflects our pedagogical philosophy and documents the learning the children are experiencing in the classroom. Our goal is for this communication to be a tool that can be used at home to help our students share what they are working on and excited about. Additionally, families receive monthly photo albums of the children at work and at play.

The Story of MWF Twos | February 3, 2023
The Story of 2 West PM | February 17, 2023
The Story of 4 North | April 25, 2023

Classroom Project Work:

Project work, and documentation of the children’s engagement throughout a unit of study, provides children with an opportunity to build on what they already know, and to develop increasingly complex ideas and understandings as a result. The skills they develop allow them to investigate those fascinating topics in greater depth.