Day School Director Search

October 18, 2018

Director Search Update


October 18, 2018

Dear Parents and members of the Brick Church School community:

The new school year is off to a great start! As orientations, parents’ nights, and classroom visits are now well underway, we wanted to update you on the process to name a new director of the Brick Church School. As stated in our August letter, upon Lydia Spinelli’s announcement in April of her impending retirement, the Director Nominating Committee was formed in accordance with the school’s by-laws and is comprised of the following members:

Thérèse Cruite

Paul Elmlinger

Susanne Harl

Annie Huneke

Mahesh Katkar

Helen Pennoyer

Elizabeth Philipp Pettker, chair

Reverend Dr. Kimberly Clayton, ex-officio

Over the past six months the Committee has been conducting a comprehensive search process. We began by collecting input and feedback from parents, faculty, staff, and the broader education community regarding the state of the school, our core values, and priorities for the future. We prepared a job description, advertised the position in various media and received many candidate applications, both direct and through reverse inquiry. Subsequently, we conducted multiple-round interviews with selected candidates to assess their educational philosophy, curriculum expertise, and passion for early childhood education.

Furthermore, we retained Carney Sandoe and Associates, a well-respected educational consulting firm, to assist with our process. Consultants Peter Philip and Burke Zalosh are well-versed in our school culture and have provided valuable counsel and expertise. We are in the final stage of the process and expect it to conclude in November when we will name our new director.

We are fortunate and blessed to enjoy a wonderful team of faculty and staff at the school. Their vibrancy, commitment and dedication to the children, parents and each other are apparent on a daily basis. We are most grateful to them and to you as valued members of our school community.

Warm regards,

Director Nominating Committee



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