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Studio News from Caren Shayne

January 2013

Can you imagine stepping on a piece of clay only to discover you have created a beautiful work of art?

This is exactly what happened when the children of 3 North PM were learning about clay. One of the children accidentally dropped a piece of clay on the floor and stepped on it. When he lifted his foot, he was surprised to find that the treads of his shoe had made a very interesting design. The rest of the class immediately looked at the bottoms of their shoes and sure enough- every one of them also had a design or a “cool” pattern!

Since the beginning of the school year, the children have been very busy discovering, experimenting, and creating in the art studio.
They have discovered how to be the “boss of the paint brush” while learning about watercolor painting, how to create new colors by mixing other colors together, and how to construct a bridge out of Popsicle sticks.

Much time has been spent experimenting with natural materials such as shells, pine cones, and leaves, and many structures have been built out of recycled materials. But the most exciting time during each art period is when the children are given the go-ahead to explore the studio and use whatever materials are out. There is suddenly a flurry of cutting, gluing, taping, and drawing, and all the while, the children are chatting with each other and sharing ideas.


If you haven't had an opportunity to visit our beautiful studio please feel free to stop by and see the latest creations. The best times are before school starts in the morning and right after pick-up time. The children are proud to give tours!

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