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Music Class News

Music and Movement are a very important part of early childhood education.  At the Brick Church School, children go to music every week to sing, play, dance, listen, and explore.  Learning the fundamentals of pitch and rhythm during the formative pre-school years prepares the child for a lifetime of joyful music participation and appreciation.  The Brick Church Music and Movement curriculum, taught by Amanda Smith, is influenced by the Kodàly, Orff, Dalcroze, and Music Together music education methods. The curriculum is also influenced by the Reggio Emilia Early Childhood philosophy.  

Children play a guessing game called "Four Leaf Clover". One child covers his eyes while the children pass a clover around the circle. The child who has the clover at the end of the song sings "I have the clover", and the blindfolded child guesses which classmate the voice belongs to. The children know each other well - they were able to very quickly identify their classmates' singing voices!

We Shall Overcome - The Brick Church School from Amanda smith on Vimeo.

In February, the children of the Brick Church School learned about Dr. Martin Luther King and how he used kind words in powerful ways. In his honor, we used our words to sing "We Shall Overcome".

3Npm carnival of the Animals book.jpg
Children learn about Saint-Saints "Carnival of the Animals"

3Npm shadows 3 - John.jpg
A bird shadow inspired by "Carnival of the Animals"

3Npm shadows 5 - Carolyn.jpg
A flying shadow

3Npm shadows 6.jpg
Some dancing shadows

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